Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Save more now and spend less later with a Holiday Savings Account

The average person spends about $20 a week on coffee, that is a total of $1,040 a year!
When you stop and think about how much less we could be spending, and how much more we could be saving, holiday shopping could be paid for without costly credit card debt.

Americans spend a little over $700 on holiday shopping gifts.  The average annual percentage rate according to on a credit card is 15.07%.  That means you will have to pay back over $100 in interest.  

By opening a Holiday Savings Account, you can put away a small amount of money early in the year or when you have some extra cash.  It isn't too late to start saving now, you still have a few months before the holidays arrive.

Don't buy that cup of morning Joe, bring a travel mug from home.  You really don't need those cute shoes you saw in the mall window, put the money into savings instead.  Your wallet will thank you when January comes around and you have no credit card debt.

To open a Holiday Savings account stop by any Workers' Branch and a member service representative will be happy to help you start saving.


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